Advisor Testimonial of the Training for Trainers

How could I summarize the Training for trainers experience this summer? Let’s say I can do it in 3 words: empowering, interesting and pasta! 

We had the chance to spend 6 days in a small village near Rome: Cantalupo in Sabina. What an amazing place to work for 6 days! Sure, we were far away from everything but the place was wonderful and it allowed us to really create a link between all the trainers that were there. We had hard working days and nice evening. We were able to have cultural activities and had the chance to visit some amazing place and landscape of this area!

But let’s talk about the hard working days! 10 trainers coming from 5 different countries exchanged on how to create the best training for the unemployed seniors we were going to work with. During this 6 days, we created a pathway for the training that will take place in each of the countries. Thanks to non-formal educational methods we were able to find different solutions in order to take into account the needs of the seniors, the requirement link to the project and the local and national reality of each partner.

What was really useful for me was to exchange about the target group we were going to work with. Indeed, senior have lots of experience and can sometimes feel really far away from the new employment realities. I learned a lot about the work with the seniors and how to empower them. The overall point of the training we are going to handle is, on one hand to help senior realized by themselves the skills and experiences they already have and, on the other hand, support them highlight these skills and experiences while applying for a job.

The training for trainers was really important for me as it helped me understand more clearly the path we will need to follow on the next month of this project. On a personal point of view, mobility is always a wonderful chance to meet with other people, to confront ideas and to feel more European than ever!


Pauline Baudou

Project referent, Pistes Solidaire

29th of July 2016

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