Latvian seniors and the importance of volunteering

Those who have at least once tried volunteering understand how much it can give at a personal and professional level. For Latvian seniors volunteering is not every day, but step by step it becomes more important. During Senior Plus project seniors from Gulbene, Tirza and Druviena did a lot of different tasks, which gave them large experience.

Our seniors were helping to prepare to different kind of local cultural events and festivals, they cleaned youth center warehouse, Old Gulbene Manor Park, river shores in Jaungulbene village and church. Some of them worked in library and helped elderly people.

They all recognized that volunteering helps to improve communication skills and gain new friends. They become more opened to new things and experience.

Disclosures, Benefits, Values – here are some thoughts the volunteers liked to share with us:

“Before this I have never worked together with volunteers of all ages.”

“I improved my computer skills, communication with the others and, what is more important, I gained experience from other participants of this project.”

“I’ve found out about voluntary work opportunities and got to know those who are organizing the process. Now I know that it is cool to be a volunteer. It is an opportunity to communicate and be useful.”

“The main thing which I understood is that person can be useful at any age. I improved my kills for teamwork.”

Gunta Krevica

Project Local Staff, Public Relations

Gulbene, Latvia

 July 31st, 2017

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