3rd February 2017, Florence. The Italian National Agency INDIRE organised a monitoring meeting among all project managers running a KA2 project under Adult Education. Senior Plus has been the first project presented to 50 project managers coming from the different regions of Italy. The presentation that shares an overview of the state of the art of the Intellectual Outputs can be seen at the following address (Preezi presentation):


A strong interest has been expressed by other organisations present about how Senior Plus project made a combined use of Joint Staff Training Events to prepare the mobility part addressed to seniors. The involvement of all members of the consortium, expressed in a continuous exchange by distance and in presence (not only transnational meetings, but also the training course for trainers, the joint staff training events among responsibles and the mobility of seniors in all countries) pass the ideal feeling of a smooth cooperation and concrete results for the Intellectual Outputs foreseen.

The project has been also perceived as a priority in the field of adult education due to the situation of unemployment of 50+ in all Europe and the persistent lack of possible solutions sorted out by local governments.

The Italian NA and the Italian representative of the European platform on adult education EPALE followed all the presentations with great interest. 

Cemea del Mezzogiorno took this opportunity to launch officially the final dissemination event foreseen in Civitavecchia (Rome) next 18th of October 2017 and to collect expressions of interests from the Italian organisations to participate and discover the fine-tuned version of the Senior Plus intellectual outputs. The event in October, apart from the consortium partners and a delegation of beneficiaries (seniors) from France, United Kingdom, Latvia and Portugal will also host managers of different European organisations coming from Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland.

Next months are a very concrete challenge for Senior Plus consortium with the implementation of all training courses for seniors and the voluntary work practice, organised at local and international level. All energies will go towards seniors’ empowerment and the floor is concretely passing in their hands now. So, save the date: 18th October 2017!

Andrea Messori

Staff CEMEA del Mezzogiorno

Rome, 1st of March 2017

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