Raising awareness of Senior Plus Project at the Volunteering event


DCVS (working name Community Action Dacorum) are one of the partner in this project.  This project is continuation of a previous project called Senior Pass.  Our role in this project is to lead on the evaluation of Intellectual Outputs making sure the project delivery is in line with the application requirements.  Since the project has commenced we have been raising awareness of Senior + but it has been much more oral communication to this date. We have been trying to liaise with Job Centre Plus to offer the opportunities of training to their beneficiaries.  We saw some positive results from the previous project and we would like to replicate those good practices through this project as well.  CAD has also been looking at what other NGOs are out there who offer training or support to the people age 50+.  Age UK and National Career Service are some of the organisations who work with people age 50+. Local NGOs also work with that age range and offer various soft skill courses such as arts and crafts.  We have provisionally started to promote the Senior Plus project with Job Centre Plus as well as with previous participants. They are the key role models for us and provide incentive to others.  Cad will send two people to train for training course arrange by Cemea the lead partner in Italy.  Clare Bentall and Ann Woolner are very excited about this course and looking forward to joining others from other partner countries to learn how they work with people age 50 +.  What measures are in place in their countries to address these issue. 


Musarat Inayat


Hemel Hempstead UK June 2016


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