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Training | Senior Plus


In each country Senior Plus training course will involve 20 seniors over 50 years old, unemployed or inactive, who wish to re-enter the job market. A common protocol will lead the experimentation at local level, but guaranteeing the dynamism in applying heterogeneous answers to the different needs of participants and local reality. As for general contents, the course will introduce and accompany seniors in familiarizing with computer technology and by distance communication tools, that will permit them to make the best use of their E-Portfolio and to remotely communicate with the work group and with their trainers/advisors.
After building a good group atmosphere, as condition needed for a personal pathway of research and recognition, the course will investigate motivations, strengths and difficulties of each participant.
A fundamental step will be the finding and recognition of the competences, altogether with research and the collection of evidences of past experiences thanks to certifications, photographs, video-interviews, and any other document that can be uploaded to the E-Portfolio. It will become a multifunction tool to be adapted according to the objective or to the eventual job of interest. Other crucial elements of this training course are personal branding and constant evaluation of the steps that will accompany seniors in their own activation path. This training course will be completed with voluntary work experience, locally with youngsters or abroad. A comparative analysis of the results obtained through the implementation of the training course Senior Plus will be done and will be available in English on the project’s web page. It will be addressed to technicians and trainers of this field; it will include a video summary of the training course in each of the country and it will be original language to favour and stress the multilingual aspect. It could be used in a very efficient way in social marketing and for this reason it will include English subtitles for full understanding for a wider public.


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