The first steps have been done

Gulbene Municipality Council has started to realize international project “Senior Plus”. We have already completed a local project staff team, who will carry out all necessary steps, to do all planned activities maximum good.

In the end of January 2016 we held first local project staff team meeting. During this meeting we got whole general information about this project, divided the responsibilities between team members and spoke about future action plan, about next steps which we have to do.

In the project activities we involved Gulbene district library, and two elementary schools form two villages – Tirza and Druviena. All these organizations operate as well as lifelong learning centers. These organizations also will make participant groups and will work with involved seniors from Gulbene district.

We have begun work on informing the public about the “Senior Plus” project. We have made special section for “Senior Plus” project in the website of Gulbene Municipality Council There everyone can find all information in Latvian about this project. We have also posted an article about project in Gulbene Municipality Council official monthly newspaper “Gulbenes Novada Ziņas”.



Gunta Krevica
Project Local Staff, Public Relations
Gulbene, 18.02.2016

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