The local network in Lisbon

Mais Cidadania Association in Portugal started the Senior+ project with their local network partners – the Group of Employment and Training born within the framework of the Social Commission of the local Municipality of Misericórdia. This is a group of strategic partners working in the field of employability and social inclusion according to the needs of the neighborhood.

These partners have defined an annual action plan for 2016 that foresees several initiatives taking place during the year.  In the months of January and February the ongoing action plan includes the filling of an assessment form by unemployed adults in the Misericórdia Municipality.  The form was developed by the partners group in 2015. This first action will continue until the end of March. At the same time, the identification of potentially employing companies in Lisbon and in the Municipality occures since the goal in the future is to match the senior’s profile with the needs of the companies.

In April the group will start the statistic treatment and analysis of the needs assessment forms. The result of this action will be essential to define the target group for the Senior+ Training.

In parallel, Mais Cidadania has already started working around the development of the volunteering guide, starting to carry out a survey of relevant resources in this area.



Mais Cidadania
Local team
Lisbon, 16th February 2016

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