Training for Seniors in Latvia

At the end of February first meeting brought together seniors from Gulbene district Tirza and Druviena villages, who are ready to face the challenges offered by the participation in the Senior Plus training course.

Participate in this training course encourages seniors and gives them the opportunity to spend their free time constructively and the chance to make changes in their lives. Several participants noted that the desire to socialize, learn new things, communicate and have possibility to meet other people are those reasons why they are here.

“The first day in Tirza and Druviena took an active and optimistic atmosphere. Also, we, trainers, felt inspired by positivism which we gained working with these fantastic people,” said Iveta – trainer in Tirza village.

We received more than 70 applications from seniors, which wanted to take part in Senior Plus project.

At the end of March the third group, which will be located in Gulbene, will start the training course.

At the moment we are preparing for French and Portuguese partners Staff Mobility in Gulbene, which will take place from the 21st to the 25th of March 2017.


Gunta Krevica

Project Local Staff (Public Relations)

Gulbene, 28th of February 2017

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