Cadca, August 19th – 28th, 2013

Study Visit Hosting Organisation


EDHOC – STUDY VISIT SLOVAKIA - KericKERIC (Kysuce European Information Centre) is a is a non-profit youth organisation working mainly with young people aged 12 – 25 but also with adults. KERIC was founded in February 2003; its offers a variety of activities which differ according to the age and needs of individuals and groups. Trainers and educators working in the centre have years of experience in non-formal activities and work with children coming from different contexts and with different needs.

The main activities include: 

  • International youth exchanges for youngsters aged 15 to 25 
  • Hosting and sending volunteers within the European voluntary Service (young people aged 18 to 25) 
  • Creative workshops for children and youth (drama, movie sessions, media, arts, sports, etc.) 
  • Summer and winter camps for children with creative workshops 
  • European workshops for pupils at basic schools 
  • Communication language courses for children, youth and adults 
  • Trainings for youth workers from Slovakia, Europe and the Mediterranean area 
  • Computer trainings for teachers from the Kysuce region 
  • Basic computer skills training for unemployed people and the local public from Kysuce region 
  • Outdoor trips and team games



Study Visit Aim

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The study visit will involve participants (staff members, educators, parents) from each partner organisation: CEMEA del Lazio (ITALY), Associação Juvenil de Peniche (PORTUGAL), Keric (SLOVAKIA), Telecentro de Ayerbe (SPAIN), Chance for Life (ROMANIA).

The visit offers participants the opportunity to visit the hosting organization, exchange experiences and knowledge about educational holiday centres in Europe, with a special focus on the main topic of the visit, COMPETENCES. The theme COMPETENCES covers the profile of the educator, in particular its competencies as a professional working in an educational holiday centre. The study visit wants to reflect, compare and contrast different requirements concerning the COMPETENCES of the educational holiday centres educators/operators, that are functional to the educative dimension. Based on these exchanges and discussions, the participants will formulate together the first draft of the quality section related to the COMPETENCES needed for the team of an educational holiday centre, for the Quality Chart.

You can find the calendar of the mobilities and more information about the study visits’ themes at the following link: http://www.cemea.eu/edhoc-educational-holiday-centre-en/




Study Visit Participants

Training Course Participants Cemea_eu

The Study Visit involves EDHOC participants that are involved at local level through the local working groups. 


CEMEA del Lazio, ITALY
Giulia Acciaroli
Giulia Fornasier
Marco Vuotto


Associação Juvenil de Peniche, PORTUGAL
Vitalina Santana
Nunu Copa


Miriam Petrikova
Solene Mouton 


Change for Life, ROMANIA
Daniela Bengescu
Steluta Manolache




Study Visit content…

Study Visit Content

During the Study Visit in Slovakia the participants will exchange, compare, enlarge their view on all the aspects related to the focus theme “COMPETENCES” of the team working in an educational holiday centre.

The participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the other partner educational holiday centres experiences concerning the study visit focus, understanding better the information shared previously through the Local Focus Groups Reports on the theme.

Also, the participants will explore and go deeper on the hosting organisation educational holiday centre reality in general and on the focus COMPETENCES in particular, during the local visits and activities planned.

Furthermore, the Study Visit will be dedicated to discussions and debates aimed at achieving a common agreement on which reccomandations related to COMPETENCES will be defined as quality aspects to be put in the final Chart. Participants will contribute together, during the visit, on writing the COMPETENCES quality section about the profile of the educator working in an educational holiday centre in order to be distinguished by simple occasional leisure centers.

This document will be not only the “selection” of the best points/aspects related to the educational holiday center of each partner but there will be taken into consideration the “ideal” aspects/points that COMPETENCES has to have.

A part from the written document (that represents the concrete result of the Study Visit), this process will give the chance to identify/give ideas about how to improve the COMPETENCES dimension of each partner’s education holiday center.

A theoretical and pedagogical discussion about what observed and focused on the main thematic assigned to the visit, will be reported to the reflection group at local level.



Where we will stay…

edhoc study visit slovakia

Study visit Where will stay_eu

Čadca is is a district town in northern Slovakia, near the border with Poland and the Czech Republic. It is part of the hystorical region of Kysuce.

Participants shall be hosted at the SKI APARTMÁNY MAKOV.





Foto & Video

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