Meeting good practices in Lisbon

The AMC team involved in the Senior Plus project participated on the 24th of May in the closing conference of the European project “XPTO + Excellence in Professional Training Opportunities”, promoted by EUROYOUTH and the XPTO + consortium in Lisbon.

The Conference was attended by the national partners of the project – EUROYOUTH (coordinator), Professional School of Fafe, Santo André School Group and the Institute of Welding and Quality, as well as participants of mobility carried out under the project. The Conference also included the presence of Isabel Gradil, Project Manager in AN Erasmus+, who was introduced the Senior Plus project.

The Participation of AMC in this event had the objective of establishing contacts within the local strategy dissemination of the Senior Plus project, as well as the exchange of good practice in the theme of Employability, relating to how mobility contributes to the development of skills for employability and professional integration of the participants.

In the context of this conference were presented the results of three projects in the above mentioned themes, the project “XPTO + Excellence in Professional Training Opportunities”, the Project MOB G.A.E. – Mobility impacts on participants and the project GoJobGo – employability of former participants / development of competences.

The GoJobGo project focuses on using the skills acquired in mobility to find a job, having developed a portal where job seekers with an international background can put their CV’s and where employers can access their profiles.

On the other hand, the MOB G.A.E. project consisted of a research on the impact of the international mobility in the participants, in terms of: personal and professional development, learning to learn, autonomy and employability and European citizenship. With this we can say that the results of this project point to the conclusion that mobility is a key factor in the acquisition of soft skills, language, critical thinking and employability.

Participation in this event proved to be a very interesting opportunity that allowed strategic contacts together with deepening the reflection on the impact of volunteering on employability and connection with recent research and innovative practices in the international domain.


Associação Mais Cidadania

Lisbon 27th may 2016

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