The COMP-PASS e-portfolio, a new asset to find your next job

Is a resume and a cover letter enough to apply for a job? Will it satisfy a recruiter? 

When applying in order to present themselves in the best possible light candidates should make an effort to summarize themselves efficiently and in a succinct manner.

On the contrary, the recruiter will need tangible elements instead of just a resume and a cover letter such as: work certificate, degree, reference letters, …

The COMP-PASS e-portfolio answers this double injunction while creating a unique space and an innovative service that will allow the candidates to present themselves in an exhaustive manner. Thanks to this tool, the candidate will be able to make available all of the documents that the recruiter will need.

The COMP-PASS e-portfolio is the CV of the future: all the information that you will complete can be automatically edited as a CV.

With active links the COMP-PASS e-portfolio is the first interactive CV!

The recruiter is just a click away from accessing the public part of your e-portfolio. They can access all of the details and skills that you want to highlight: reference letters, successful projects, degrees, professional experiences, etc. For you it’s a chance to catch the eyes of the recruiter, for them it’s a chance to find the right profile!

Last but not least: The COMP-PASS e-portfolio has a dedicated part specifically to develop your transferable skills. Today, this kind of skills constitutes 60% of job offers and it is often unrelated to qualification these are skills such as responsibility, pro-activity, teamwork, etc.

COMP-PASS is a unique tool that allows you to highlight all of your skills! 


Mathieu Decq


Pau, 4th of October 2016

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