The key to success – a good team

Each project is based on the two sides – on one is they who are participating and enjoying the “fruits”, on the second -  those who arranges and take care of all to achieve goals and objectives.

This time we want to introduce you to what’s going on behind the scenes in international project “Senior Plus”

Let us to introduce with three active ladies – part of the project implementers team in Latvia, Gulbene Municipality, which are responsible for seniors’ training programs and the establishment of a joint volunteer database.

Ieva Garjāne. Ievas’s task is to develop a training program for seniors and participate in realization of this program. Ieva has a huge coach’s experience baggage, and she very quickly can find a common language with the target audience.

Ieva: “I really enjoy working with seniors. They have a different perspective on things. And it is interesting to hear other generation vision.”

Ilze Vanaga and Elīna Nagle. These two ladies are responsible for a joint volunteer database content creation, as well as translation and content creation for volunteering booklet which contains useful information for volunteers and volunteer organizers.

Ilze: “Anything, what we are doing for develop volunteer work, helping to raise this area be more visible and expand it. The main thing – do not create databases and systems just because it needs, but do it without losing the essence and magic of volunteer work.”

Elīna: “I was working on different kind of projects as a volunteer and helped to host volunteers – seniors and youngsters – from different countries. Sometimes I work with local volunteers of different generations. I am interested in volunteering and love that in Gulbene it is popular. There are strict forerun and people are very responsive – open to volunteering. I am already accustomed to work with seniors. For me it is fun. I like to observe how their personalities are changing when they engage in local or international volunteer work.  They change perspective on life – get “second wind”. It is a great pleasure to see these changes – people are aware that they are still useful and are able to live with a “taste”. I think that the volunteer system will be valuable, because all information will be in one place and more people will have information about volunteering and its possibilities.”


Gunta Krevica

Project Local Staff, Public Relations

Gulbene, 02.06.2016

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