Gabriela David

Gabriela David is one of our volunteers that is in Italy with an EVS Project that will last from 6.02.2012 to 5.02.2013. Her project is PLAY – Planning Learning Activities for Youth, and her hosting organization is CEMEA del Mezzogiorno ONLUS.

“I started my EVS experience a few months ago, on February 2012, with CEMEA del Mezzogiorno, an NGO organization in Rome, Italy.

CEMEA del Mezzogiorno action deals with disadvantaged young people, the promotion of non formal education through training, the development of local communities and active citizenship. Member of the Italian Federation of CEMEA, Cemea del Mezzogiorno has a special unit specialized in international youth activities, managing all the activities within the Youth in Action, Euromed Youth, Lifelong Learning programme and Europe for Citizens, contributing to the preparation and the implementation of the different actions at international and local level.

If I were to describe my EVS experience in 5 words, my choice would be: learning, meeting, enrich ment, path, meaning.

I am taking part in the planning and organization process of international European projects that are very interesting and full of learning opportunities. Through this I am devel oping my project management and communication skills and I am learning a lot about education to sustainable development, experiencing different methods of non-formal education. Speaking and writing every day in Italian or English it is also a big challenge, one that I enjoy very much. I feel that I am growing a lot, both professionally and personally.

The EVS experience has given me the chance to daily confront with different cultures, people, ideas and points of view and through this encounter to get to know myself better and to further develop as a human being and as a person.

I started my EVS with a strong will of discovery and learning and I have put all myself into making the most of this experience because as much or as little our lives can give us in a certain moment it is truly and finally up to us to learn all that is to learn, to shar e all that is to share, to live all that is to live.”


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